It’s 7:45 in the morning.  It’s an average tuesday morning at CrossFit TBR.  Class doesn’t start again until 8:30am, but much like every morning,  in walks Amber to work on her skills before class.

At first, it was her pull-ups.  Day, after day, she came into class DETERMINED to get that unassisted chin above the bar pull-up;  May 5th, she GETS IT. Not just one Pull-up….  She nails down FIVE unbroken —->PULLUP.

Now she’s working on cleaning up her Olympic Lifting movements.  She’s getting BETTER and BETTER each and every day.  Amber’s determination and drive to improve her CrossFit abilities inspires everyone around her.  Athletes from other classes have commented on how well she is doing, and how inspiring she is.

CrossFit TBR is extremely happy to have Amber as an athlete.  Her positive attitude, drive and commitment is what earns her May’s Athlete of the Month.


~Shaun & Stacey



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