Bodie & Danni Wilson, July & August ATHLETE’S OF THE MONTH!!


A Long time coming….  Two of our Founding Members, Bodie and Danni Wilson have been at it from day ZERO.  Really.  Bodie came into TBR when it was just an empty shell, and spent the better part of the day hanging out and helping set up our Rogue Rig System.

January 11th, without hesitation, Bodie and Danni signed up for the Founding 40 Program, and have put in some SERIOUS time and effort in at the BOX.  The transformation thus far has been nothing short of spectacular.  Bodie and Danni are both active outside the BOX, Bodie playing League Baseball, and Danni, A Texas Fit Chicks Instructor.

Bodie, a Spartan Race Competitor, sought out TBR to help build some extra strength for the tough obstacles he’d encounter during the course of the Race.  A VERY good distance runner, Bodie did well with the grueling runs of the Spartan Race, but, needed more endurance and strength to complete the obstacles.  With his goals set, Bodie started immediately at TBR with a drive and determination like no other.  Disappointed with his first CrossFit Totals scores, Bodie worked hard, eating clean, and making fitness a priority.  3 months later, Bodie saw HUGE gains when he re-tested his totals.  As well, in May of this year, Bodie Completed the Spartan Race in short order…… Obstacles and all.

Danni is the glue of the 8:30am Crew.  She wakes up at the crack of dawn to teach her Texas Fit Chick ladies.  After participating in an involved fitness regiment at Fit Chicks, Danni hops in her car and checks in for the morning TBR Training session.  What a difference these past few months have made.  Danni’s CrossFit Total numbers made huge jumps the second time around, proving that the additional strength training at CFTBR has increased her overall strength and endurance.  Box jumps used to be performed on a double stack of 4 inch thick bumper plates.  Now, Danni easily jumps onto the RX 20 inch plyo box for multiple reps.  And again, if you can’t figure it out by looking at the photo, that tire she’s flipping isn’t light.  It’s 490 POUNDS.  That’s one CROSSFIT STRONG lady.

So, take a moment in helping Stacey and I congratulate both Bodie and Danni.  We’re proud to have them both as our athletes, and to call them our friends…..



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