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8 min airdyne/AS/Jumprope (No Measure)

People can start at different stations; its a warm up, not an amrap

10 air squats

200 m air dyne

50 single jump ropes


Overhead Squat (4s x 3r then 1 x AMRAP)

4s x 3r then 1 x AMRAP

Sets 1-4: Strict 3 second pause in the bottom. Ascending in weight each set.

Set 5: Take 70% of the heaviest weight completed from sets 1-4 and preform as many reps as possible for this last set with good form. Don’t move fast and sloppy. Time under tension is the key here. When form breaks down, the set is over.


Metcon (AMRAP – Rounds and Reps)

10 min amrap

~30 double unders (30 singles = scaled)

~15 deadlifts (95/65: meant for speed, do not add weight)*

*open hips at top. When people start lifting for speed, they use their arms to get the bar into hip, but their hip angle is still closed. Seek good ROM


1 minute

Metcon (Time)

100 sit-ups with 5 KB swings EMOM

RX +70/53

RX: 53/36

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