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  • Crossfit Judges Course
  • Adult and Child CPR and AED training


I was challenged by my friend to try a boot camp at a crossfit box in summer of 2010. After just a few workouts I realized that I stumbled upon a fitness program that rivaled in every way my time spent as a collegiate athlete on the Women’s Rowing team at K-State. There was hard workouts, sore muscles, friendship, teammates encouraging each other, early mornings, great coaches, a few tears, and lots of laughter. After about a year, I realized that I was a crossfitter for life!

I have a B.S. in Kinesiology from Kansas State University. I have been a Physical Education teacher for 23 years. I have taught and coached at the collegiate, high school, and middle school levels but most of my time has been in with Elementary students. I am now a “masters athlete” and I continue to work on my personal fitness journey as I gain first hand experience about the challenges of being an older athlete.

I have been coaching Crossfit since October, 2014. I enjoy working with all athletes and levels and my very favorite thing is to watch someone “get it” for the first time… whether it’s a double under, a box jump, a snatch PR or completing their first WOD… the look on his/her face and the thrill that I know they feel with that success has no greater reward.

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