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Classes to improve your technique or join our competitive weightlifting club
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Open to all members of CrossFit TBR. This is a one-hour class on Saturday at 8am that focuses on instructing and improving technical execution of the snatch, clean & jerk, and related lifts. This class is designed to help improve technique, efficiency, and coordination with: snatch, clean & jerk, and other related lifts.
For those looking for a competitive outlet or wanting to focus on more strength and power development than what is offered in CrossFit, come check out our weightlifting club, Intrepid Weightlifting. The weightlifting club offers a 3 or 5 day training program to fit your schedule. If you are looking for even more direct attention then you can enhance your training with individualized programming. Class times for the weightlifting club are 5am on Monday and Wendesday, and 5:30pm on Friday. Additional training times are added periodically throughout the year so reach out to see if we have additional times that may fit your schedule.

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