Summer Program: Teen Sport Performance

Developing strength and power to improve performance on the field
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This program will focus on developing strength and improving power through the use of jumps, olympic lifts, and other strength training methods. Athletes will have specific training plans written by the coach for each day they attend. The best progress will be made with consistent and frequent participation and athletes should expect to see improvements in vertical jumping ability and sprint times which will be tested at the start and end of each 4-week session
Participates should be in 8-12th grade and be prepared to work hard over the course of the program to improve their performance.
The program will run in 2, 4-weeks sessions. Session 1 from 6/6 to 7/1 and Session 2 from 7/11 to 8/5, with no classes taking place July 4th week. Class times will be Monday through Friday from 1:15pm-2:30pm. The program options below allow for unlimited attendance to classes during the week. If you wish to only participate 1-3x/wk there are 8 and 12 class packs that can be used for participation.

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